Social Media Marketing

The utilization of Social Networks by companies to communicate directly with their target audiences has become indispensable for today’s Business owners. Over 98% of internet users in the United States access and use Social Media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Foursquare, Tumbler, Blogger, and LinkedIn can provide your business with a launching pad to create a conversation with potential customers, and therefore, generate activity with your company’s brand. Thus, the key to Social Media Marketing is the conversation and engagement, which is initiated within the members of the social network – These self-sustaining conversations become a catalyst for viral marketing.

We have a dedicated Social Media group that is an integral part of our team. Our viewpoint is that Social Media isn’t just a different “media channel” – it is fundamentally changing the way that online media works and the way people consume media. The driving force that is Social media has a huge impact on SEO and relationships with your audience. Our social media team also works very closely with our Development, Creative and Digital Display teams to ensure that social factors are an integral part of a site design and user experience – further improving the impact on our media campaigns.

Our Social Media Team at can develop, manage, and execute comprehensive social media strategies utilizing a variety of social media platforms, based on understanding communities and objectives, and help you understand how consumers are engaging with your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networking sites. We understand that every product or service is unique and it takes a completely unique approach to market it on social media. That’s why our services depend on your company’s specific needs and objectives. The features offered in our Social Networking solutions vary from basic to extremely advanced, because every business has their own unique requirements, and we serve them all – in the most professional way we can

Whether a small, medium or large enterprise, you can trust the Social Media Specialists at Pagoda Media to turn your rough sketch into full-fledged social conversation portals. Creating social networks is often a large investment in both time and money – requiring a team that has the confidence and technical expertise to deliver all weather solutions. With our Social Specialists, you’ll work with designers and skilled professionals who have been utilizing internet since its inception, and have participated in social media applications for almost a decade.

As marketing technology continues to evolve and grow, traditional media is becoming increasingly less effective. Many companies are beginning to utilize social media platforms as a fresh and effective way to engage consumers and collaborate with communities.

Pagoda Media – We combine a team of highly skilled marketers, a specific process, strategy, and execution to deliver amazing results.

Our social media management services

  • Strategizing the social networks that make the most sense for your business
  • Setting up your social network profiles and pages
  • Planning and strategizing content categories for updates, information, and posts
  • Creating viral & intriguing content for the social networks – Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc
  • Building custom applications and widgets for Social Networks
  • Integrating all of your social media content into your website and other media
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