Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) combined with Google adwords advertising is a dominant force in serving related ads. We’ve developed a system and processes that are geared toward online retailers. PPC allows marketers to remain relevant to consumers no matter how search habits evolve, so individuals are always presented with the information they are seeking. Engaging with customers at the very moment they are looking to buy is the advantage paid search marketing has over other online tactics. One significant benefit of pay per click management programs is instantly having search engine exposure while waiting for longer-term optimization strategies to take effect.

As a leading interactive agency, our PPC team researches the most relevant and searched keywords that apply to your brand, products and services. We monitor these keywords on a constant basis and adjust bids to meet the growing demand of the search audience. We capitalize on the greatest areas of growth by seeking new opportunities to replace declining search trends.

Testing ad copy finds the message that speaks to your audience about the benefits that are important to them. Whether your customer base is looking for the best price or the latest features, targeted paid search marketing advertisements can motivate individuals to click on the ad and convert on your website.

Strategic & tactical planning

At Pagoda Media, we believe you should only pay for Google ads that encourages an audience to convert. Below we breakdown our five-step process:

  • Account Settings
  • Ad groups/keywords
  • Ad copy
  • Google shopping
  • Remarketing
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