Mobile Marketing

Are you responsible for driving your company’s product or service mobile marketing initiatives but aren’t sure how to best leverage what’s available today in terms of technology and services? We can help!!

Consumers are spending more and more time on the go, connected to their mobile device. They’re not just texting or talking, though; they’re on social media apps, making mobile purchases, and always connected to their favorite websites. How do we reach your desired audience in a way that is relevant to them and to the business? Mobile Marketing Strategy & Planning

We believe our clients need to stay ahead of the curve across all digital marketing disciplines, including mobile. Our comprehensive Mobile Marketing Audit & Plan provides in-depth analysis, insights and recommendations unique to each client.

Pagoda Media offers state-of-the-art mobile and tablet marketing solutions, utilizing the very latest technologies to engage the mobile medium to its full extent. Our experienced mobile and tablet marketing team works together with our clients to deliver the mobile solution that best suits their audience needs. We believe integration is key in mobile marketing and strive to provide mobile solutions that enhance the company’s overall marketing efforts. Due to the unique set of capabilities used by our team and our advanced mobile solutions, we offer wide end-user coverage, targeting most mobile platforms, and advanced targeting options, including GPS, demographic and behavioral profiling modules.

Mobile & Tablet Advertising Options

  • Yahoo! Mobile Network
  • Mobile Display Ad Networks
  • Mobile Network Geo Fencing
  • Dynamic Mobile Advertising
  • Tablet App Network
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