Media Buying

Our primary service, media buying, can save your business thousands of dollars in advertising waste. Our job is to always get your business, brand, or product more exposure with fewer dollars. The best analogy we give is it’s like taking someone who used to sell cars with you to help you buy a car. A former car salesman knows the ins and outs of getting the best deal for your investment. We have a backstage pass to the media sales industry that gives us hard won secrets into how to get the most bang for your advertising buck.

We are able to not only negotiate lower rates for our clients, but we are also able to help you come up with a strategic advertising plan that is custom designed to best reach your demographic most efficiently based on research. Once we create the plan we then place your advertising buy and manage it directly, both during and while it has runs. We require the media companies to deliver what they promise and help you analyze the effectiveness of your ad campaign. We basically become an extension of your marketing department without the payroll costs.

Pagoda Media – We combine a team of highly skilled marketers, a specific process, strategy, and execution to deliver amazing results.

Our media planning and buying services

Pagoda media operates with a specific set of processes geared toward driving results. We believe better marketing equals better results, so we combine our industry experience with a growth-oriented approach to help drive growth, period. Our expertise is in:

  • Competitive landscape research – Leading businesses to adopt particular strategies
  • Brand development  – An ongoing process of serving consumers
  • Market strategy & ROI analysis – Integrate it into the overall business line calculation
  • Advertising campaign measurement – Inquiries you have received throughout the campaign period
  • Customer and prospect mapping – Visually representing the data points and the relationship dynamics
  • In-depth demographic profiling – Socio-economic information expressed statistically
  • Media analysis & negotiations – Deconstruction of pieces of media with quantitative or qualitative research methods
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